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Joshua Schumm

Joshua is Dave Ramsey trained. He is a certified financial coach who is passionate about helping people understand and change their financial legacy. Joshua primarily coaches in south and central Kansas. Joshua has been coaching people with their finances since 2011 when he discovered the importance of having sound financial practices to having a happy marriage. He is a certified budget coach & personal finance coach. He received his his Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach designation in 2017 & is now a Ramsey Preferred Coach producing top results.

After attending a marriage conference, Joshua & his wife changed their perspective on money, starting by making a budget and telling their money where to go. From there, they worked their way out of $40,000+ worth of debt in 15 months and started to build a legacy. Joshua continues to exercise stewardship of his finances by working in conjunction with his wife to plan their financial present and future.

Contact Joshua today to set up a no charge consultation to discuss your particular situation. Expect no judgement - just a passionate professional ready to help you win with your finances!

We have had so much client growth that we’ve grown our team of coaches! Rest assured, all our our coaches are extensively trained Kansans who get top results!

Coaching clients are mainly located in the State of Kansas, but reside all across the USA.

Current clients reside in: the greater Wichita area, the greater Kansas City (KC) area, Lawrence, Manhattan, Hutchinson, Great Bend, Cedar Vale, Oswego, Galva, Hays, Ottawa, Colby, Garden City, Wheaton, Zenda etc.,

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Coach Joshua
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