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Frequently Asked Questions


The most common questions we are asked. Answered Here:

What is a financial coach?

A financial coach is an objective 3rd party who meets with you where you are to provide applicable financial education for your unique situation.

“Joshua helped me changed my behavior and relationship with money. This is invaluable!” - Sally

How is a financial coach different than a cpa or financial ADVISER?

A financial coach has education and help in mind. They approach the situation with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman with a product to sell you. CPA's & Financial Advisers are helpful in your financial journey, but a coach is objective and can help you without a personal agenda.

“You met me where I was, without judgement - you even reassured me I was “normal” and helped me become weird - Winning. Everyday. Intentionally. Responding. Differently.” - Amy

can i gift sessions?

Yes, if you have a student or loved one who you think would benefit, you can purchase a set of sessions for them. Keep in mind, it is up to them to actually use them.

People who often find gifts of sessions useful:
1.    Engaged couples
2.    Students (high school or college)
3.    Married couples
4.    People preparing for retirement
5.    Seniors

“We all wish we knew these things earlier. A surprising extra of financial coaching is that working together on our financial future drew us closer as a married couple” - Phil & Rachel

DO I Need a financial coach?

No, you do not need one, but yes, you will find a coach very useful. With our proven success and experience, you will win.

“Having a coach challenges and encourages you when you are feeling weak or distracted.” - Steve

is COST OF COACHING worth it?

Yes. When you have a person review your situation and help you to get on the same page, you can expect to yield many times your time and monetary investment - for a LIFETIME. Our pricing is a sliding scale based on complexity of situation and income so message us today. 

In 2018, our average client realized a change of over $30,000!

“I make too much money to be this broke! I finally feel like I am winning with money!” - Donna

“I thought I was destined to fail with money. I was hopeless. You helped a single mom take control and that matters so much!” - Hattie

Does my spouse need to participate?

Yes. If you are married, we will only coach you as a couple. We have found that this produces the only worthwhile results. If you believe you have a special situation, contact us with details. Otherwise, plan to bring your spouse to the session.

do you offer refunds?

No. We invest our time and know that you will get out of the session(s) what you put into them and much more.